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If you are a veteran teacher new to an urban setting, here are some questions you might ask:

Questions you might ask

ASSIST resources

1.  Are there resources to help me learn about my new setting?
  • Tool: An orientation handbook template
2.  How can I build a sense of community in my classroom?
  • Tool: What types of families are in our class?
  • Tool: A list of ways to promote outreach to families and community
  • Tool: Connecting to community resources
  • Tool: Community resources worksheet
  • Tool: Recruiting community volunteers
  • Tool: Invitation letter
  • Tool: A science example: making connections with family
  • Tool: Module on Developing Home, School, and Community Partnerships
3.  Are there resources available for helping me establish a good learning environment in my new assignment?
  • Tool: Establishing and teaching rules for a classroom learning community
  • Tool: Set norms [though this tool was developed for adult learning communities, it could easily be modified to use with students at various levels]
  • Tool: Defining and teaching routines to save time and promote learning
  • Tool: Planning activities for students
  • Tool: Balanced use of strategies for forming relationships with students
  • Tool: Motivating students to learn
  • Tool: Restrained use of options for responding to inattention and misbehavior
  • Tool: What do critical incidents look like?
4. Are there resources available in the area of promoting student achievement in culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms?
  • Tool: Module on promoting student achievement in culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms
  • Tool:   Elementary students at risk [can be adapted for middle and high school]
5.  What are the different ways in which children learn?
  • Tool: Multiple intelligences
  • Tool: Planning for multiple intelligences
  • Tool: Background on multiple intelligences and learning styles
  • Tool: Differentiating instruction in elementary mathematics
  • Tool: Drawing on multiple intelligences: Using Art in elementary science
  • Tool: Multiple learning styles in elementary social studies
  • Tool: Modifying plans based on individual student needs in elementary ELA
  • Tool: Tools for making adaptations during unit planning
6.  Are there resources available for working with students of varying achievement levels?
  • Tool: Modifying plans based on student needs
7.  What resources are available to help me understand the needs of my special education students?
  • Tool: Special education law in Michigan

8.  Are there support groups in my building/district?
  • Tool: Learning together

9.  What are some strategies to help me meet the learning needs of diverse students?
  • Tool: Improving instruction