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If you are a veteran teacher transferring into a Michigan school system, this Q&A table will assist you:

Questions you might ask

ASSIST resources

1. What are Michiganís teacher certification requirements?
  • Tool: Department of Education-Teacher certification
2. Where can I get easy access to the Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations [GLCEs], standards and benchmarks?

The Basics: Links to the Grade Level Content Expectations [GLCEs] and Standards and Benchmarks:

  • Tool: K-8 English Language Arts GLCEs
  • Tool: K-8 Mathematics GLCEs
  • Tool: GLCE Accompanying Documents
  • Tool: K-8 and High School Social Studies GLCEs
  • Tool: Michigan Curriculum Framework Social Studies Standards and Benchmarks
  • Tool: Michigan Curriculum Framework Science Standards and Benchmarks

See other local curriculum documents

3. What resources are available for aligning curriculum and instruction with standards?
  • Tool: Curriculum mapping
  • Tool: ASSIST Module on Developing Curriculum
4. Can I find help with standards-based planning?  
  • Tool: Standards-based planning
  • Tool: Yearly plan for all content areas
  • Tool: Unit planning: exploring content expectations
  • Tool: Teachable moments observation
  • Tool: Performance descriptors
  • Tool: List of potential performance tasks
5. What are sources for sample lessons in the content areas?
  • Tool: Exploring content expectations: Middle school math example [can be adapted to other grade levels and subject areas]
  • Tool: Adapting curriculum mathematically
  • Tool: Tools for planning activities with students
  • Tool: Sample activities to match the Michigan Mathematics Standards
6. Is there help available for using the Michigan Curriculum Framework?  
  • Tool: Making sense of the content standards in the Michigan Curriculum Framework: Essential questions
  • Tool: Making sense of the content standards in the Michigan Curriculum Framework: Standard diagrams
7. Does the state of Michigan have other resources that will help me?  
  • Tool: Michigan Department of Education professional development and induction resources
  • Tool: MI MAP A Michigan Department of Education tool kit containing many resources for school improvement
  • Tool: Michigan Online Resources for Educators

Michigan Education Organizations: