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When a veteran teacher transfers to a new grade level or subject area, the following will be helpful:

Questions you might ask

ASSIST resources

1.  What resources are available for teaching content at different grade levels?
  • Tool: Tools for teaching in the core content areas in elementary, middle, and high school
  • Tool: Yearly plan for all content areas
  • Tool: Curriculum mapping  
  • Tool: ASSIST Module on Developing Curriculum
  • Tool: Unit planning: Exploring content expectations
  • Tool: Unit planning across the content areas
  • Tool: Unit plan templates
2.  Where can I find help with standards-based planning?
  • Tool: Michigan curriculum content standards
    Tool: Standards-based planning [sample worksheet included]
    Tool: Standards-based activities [the big picture-interpreting Michigan standards, long term plans, unit and lesson plans, alternative activities]

3.  How can I get help in planning activities in my new assignment?
  • Tool: Sample lesson plan sites
  • Tool: Ideas for teaching different subject areas, different grade levels
  • Tool: Mental challenges of activities
  • Tool: Observation form: Looking at the mental challenge of activities/tasks
  • Tool: Unit plan for multiple learning styles [example]
  • Tool: Evaluating learning styles of activities [multiple intelligences]
  • Tool: Analysis of student work samples
4.  How do I go about grouping in this new assignment?
  • Tool: Structuring small-group tasks (elementary math)
    Tool: Designing activities for group work

5.  Where can I get help with classroom discussions?
  • Tool:  Classroom discussions
  • Tool:  Types of discussion questions
  • Tool:  Sketching and analyzing discussions
  • Tool:  Sample sketches
  • Tool:  Set tasks for students by asking questions
  • Tool:  Leading discussion--an inventory
  • Tool:  Planning with Big Ideas in social studies
  • Tool:  Debriefing activities for science discussions [can apply to any content any level]
  • Tool:  Sample sketch: Bar graphs in fifth grade
  • Tool:  Involving socially and culturally diverse students
  • Tool:  Recording classroom interactions
6.  Can I find more in-depth help in developing my curriculum?
  • Tool:  Overview of the Module on Developing Curriculum

7.  Are there sites related to professional learning that will support me?
  • Tool:  Online professional development resources
  • Tool:  Sustaining the work
  • Tool:  Professional teaching communities
  • Tool:  Professional learning communities