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If you are a veteran teacher transferring into a new district or another state, these tools should assist you:

Questions you might ask

ASSIST resources

1. Is there a resource to help me review my beliefs about teaching and learning?
  • Tool: My beliefs about teaching and learning
2. Is there a handbook for new teachers?
  • Tool: An orientation handbook template
3. Is there a support group to help me?
  • Tool: Support for a new teacher
4. What are some good ways to promote outreach to families and community?
  • Tool: What types of families are in our class?
  • Tool: Survey of families about student interests and talents
  • Tool: Making connections:  Family involvement survey
  • Tool: A list of ways to promote outreach to families and community
  • Tool: Connecting to community resources
  • Tool: Community resources worksheet
  • Tool: Outline of key events [What should volunteers know about their role in the classroom?]
  • Tool: Recruiting community volunteers
  • Tool: Invitation letter
  • Tool: Volunteer orientation and workshops-example
5. Are there resources available for helping me establish a good learning environment in my new assignment?
  • Tool: Establishing and teaching rules for a classroom learning community
  • Tool: Set norms [Though this tool was developed for adult learning communities, it could easily be modified to use with students at various levels]
  • Tool: Defining and teaching routines to save time and promote learning
  • Tool: Planning activities for students
  • Tool: Balanced use of strategies for forming relationships with students
  • Tool: Motivating students to learn
  • Tool: Restrained use of options for responding to inattention and misbehavior
  • Tool: What do critical incidents look like?
6. How can I find out about the assessments and assessment system in my new assignment?

See local documents

  • Tool: Multiple source checklist and analysis
  • Tool: List of assessment tools
  • Tool: Use assessment to teach better
  • Tool: Assessment portfolios
7.  Are there any professional organizations that can help me?
  • Tool: Professional teaching communities
8.  How can I contribute to my new school?
  • Tool: What can I offer schools as a new teacher?

See  “If you are a veteran teacher who wants to take a leadership role”

National Education Organizations: