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If you are a veteran teacher who wants to take a leadership role, this section should assist you:

Questions you might ask

ASSIST resources

1. What opportunities are available for teachers to participate in professional activities that assume leadership roles?
  • Tool: Engaging teachers in professional activities and leadership roles
2. Should I consider mentoring? 
  • Tool: Should I be a mentor?
  • Tool: Mentor selection and assignment
3. How do I begin working with teachers’ unions to support induction?
  • Tool: Working with teachers’ unions to support induction
4. Is it possible to secure time for professional development?
  • Tool: Finding time to support PLC’s
5. What are some ways to become part of the professional teaching community? 
  • Tool: Professional teaching communities
  • Tool: National Education Organizations
  • Tool: Michigan Education Organizations
Promoting Student Leadership
6. What are some suggestions for extra classroom activities that involve leadership qualities?
  • Tool: Involving students in writing tests
  • Tool: Student-led conferences
7. Can I help students develop leadership qualities
  • Tool: Identifying and fostering student leadership