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For veteran teachers in new assignments

Compiled by Gayle Skubick, veteran teacher

When a veteran teacher transfers from one district to another or is placed in a new school, grade level or subject area, there are many questions that need to be answered to insure a smooth transition. For example, there may be differences in the curriculum being taught, and/or a new district might have a different take on state requirements, so even a veteran teacher may require extra help developing lesson plans that align with state standards, benchmarks and expectations. Also, it is necessary to learn about the assessment system in a new environment and to become acquainted with new approaches to using assessment in your new assignment. It is important to get acquainted with new students, parent, and community, and this is especially essential when there’s a move from a rural or suburban setting to one of the urban areas in the state.

As a veteran teacher you may feel ready to take on teacher leadership roles and assignments, and this will lead to the need for new learning.

The following ASSIST information will be helpful.

* Please note that the tools and resources contained in this section represent only a portion of the resources on the ASSIST Website, but are intended to provide a good start for veteran teachers placed in new assignments.


Section I. For veteran teachers new to Michigan.

Section II. For veteran teachers moving to a new district or state.

Section III. For veteran teachers new to an urban setting.

Section IV. For veteran teachers transferring to a new grade level or subject area.

Section V. For veteran teachers assuming leadership roles.