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Tool: Questions to ask as you research induction programs

Purpose of this tool: This tool provides you and your colleagues with a set of questions to ask as you research and plan an induction program in your school and/or district.

How to use this tool: Answer the following questions with your colleagues prior to reading about models of strong induction programs from across the country and from Michigan. Record your answers before reading the program descriptions that follow:

  • What strengths do our students bring with them to our school?

  • What strengths do our faculty possess?

  • How does our students’ performance compare to state and district learning standards?

  • What are the major areas in which we need to improve student learning?

  • What skills do our faculty have in these areas?

  • What skills do our faculty need to improve student learning in these areas?

  • How can we organize resources to meet the learning needs of our staff and students?

  • How can we work with the district and with other schools to obtain these resources?