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D. Learning together

Study groups for beginning teachers and for mentor teachers can provide the space each group needs to address their particular learning needs. Both beginning teachers and mentor teachers can also benefit from working together in a joint learning community. Beginning teachers have not yet developed the wisdom of practice that enables them to anticipate students’ learning difficulties and to make the on-going adjustments in instruction to address them. Working with experienced teachers on planning instruction and assessing student work helps beginning teachers develop the practical knowledge that is essential to teaching. Experienced teachers benefit from working with beginning teachers because it requires them to make their thinking explicit. This can help experienced teachers examine their own practices and identify and build upon their successes and their challenges. Experienced teachers can also enrich their practice through learning about the new ideas and funds of knowledge that beginning teachers bring to the table. 

These tools will help you and your colleagues work together to develop your knowledge, skills and commitments to high quality teaching.


1. Sustaining the work

2. Standards-based planning

3. Analyzing student work