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Tool: Classroom applications of learning from analyzing student work

Purpose of this tool: This tool will help you and your colleagues identify what you have learned from the collaborative analysis of your students' work, apply it in your classroom and assess its contribution to your students’ learning.

How to use this tool:  After you present your students’ work to your colleagues, use this tool to determine how you will apply what you learned in your classroom. Use the grid to identify the changes in approaches, material or management you will make based on the analysis of student work, and how you will assess their contribution to student learning. After you apply what you learned, complete the grid by identifying how the changes contributed to your students learning and identifying the questions and problems that arose over the course of your efforts. The grid thus helps you to identify your students’ learning needs and your own problems of practice so you can start the inquiry and analysis process again.

What did I learn from the analysis of student work?

How will I apply it in my classroom?

How will I assess its contribution to student learning?

What’s the evidence of its connection to student learning?

What questions or problems do I need to investigate now?






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