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The Mentor Development Summary

This chart identifies the multiple dimensions of mentoring. For each strength or area for growth that you list, make sure that you can provide specific incidents and/or evidence to illustrate your assessment. The more thoughtful you are on this assessment, the better you and your colleagues will be able to learn from and with each other.




Establish and Maintain a Positive Relationship

  • Understand typical beginning teacher needs
  • Discuss expectations of relationship
  • Connect frequently with beginning teacher
  • Maintain open and honest communication
  • Model empathy and responsiveness
  • Be flexible, dependable and responsible
  • Listen for understanding and without judgment
  • Paraphrase and check for understanding
  • Maintain confidentiality

Provide support for growth and development

  • Observe and conference
  • Analyze student work together
  • Co-plan
  • Model teaching strategies
  • Promote goal setting and checking of progress
  • Assist in identifying steps for growth
  • Invite self-reflection
  • Probe to clarify explanations and ideas
  • Encourage examination of beliefs and assumptions
  • Explore questions rather than provide answers
  • Model and encourage problem solving
  • Connect practice to effects on students

Provide technical support

  • Introduce to key people
  • Show and explain key materials
  • Inform about important dates well in advance
  • Explain important procedures and policies
  • Share and help obtain resources
  • Share strategies and techniques

Provide emotional support

  • Compliment and provide positive reinforcement
  • Provide a safe place for sharing highs and lows
  • Check-in on regular basis
  • Support in interactions with colleagues, parents and administrators
  • Share passion and enthusiasm for teaching and learning

Seek growth as a mentor

  • Commit time and effort to mentoring
  • Demonstrate initiative and leadership
  • Participate in mentor learning community


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