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1. Starting and sustaining the work

The first three years of teaching constitute a critical period in teachers’ careers. During these early years, beginning teachers must:  1) gain local knowledge of students, curriculum and the school context; 2) design responsive curriculum and instruction; 3) enact and build their teaching repertoire in purposeful ways; 4) create a classroom learning community; 5) develop a professional identity; and 6) learn in and from practice.

Beginning teacher study groups can help you meet these learning demands. These groups will allow you to identify and meet your own and your group’s learning needs.  You all bring funds of knowledge and commitments to your work that you can use to help each other learn.  You should also identify colleagues in the school and elsewhere who can provide the expertise and guidance you need to continue to develop as effective teachers for all your students.

For this work, several tools are here provided.


Setting the agenda

Setting norms

Sustaining the work

Learning through conflict

Assessing our learning