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d. Learning through conflict

Purpose of this tool: This tool will help you and your colleagues to acknowledge and use the conflicts and disagreements that arise within your professional community as a source of learning.

How to use this tool: Individuals who act as facilitators can use this tool to reflect upon the work of the community they lead and to enhance their own abilities to acknowledge and build upon the differences that emerge within the community. All members of the community can use the tool to think more carefully about their learning and to develop strategies for dealing with conflict that will help them to sustain the community and to grow as individual learners, as well.

The tool has two parts:

Part I provides a brief research overview and two scenarios from teacher learning communities.  Teachers can read and analyze the scenarios together in their study groups.  Guiding questions are provided. 

Part II provides guiding questions for teachers to discuss about how they do and can address conflict in their study groups.

You can use these parts together or separately.