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Freeing teachers from instructional time

High Schools:

Central Park East Secondary School, New York City, New York
One half day each week, students are out of the building working at nonprofit agencies for community service experience. Teachers use this time for staff development and working with colleagues. Although not mandatory, additional funding to hire a Service Learning Internship Coordinator, a paraprofessional and an aide has helped support this reorganization of time.

Sample Teacher Schedule – Central Park East Secondary School

Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8-9 am Planning Planning Planning Planning Advisory
9-10:45 am Class Team Meeting Class Class Class
10:45-1 pm Lunch House Meeting (2 x month at 11:30) Class Meetings, lunch Class
1-1:45 pm Advisory Class Lunch Class Staff Meeting
1:45-3 pm Staff Meeting   Advisory    
3-4 pm          

Contact information:
Central Park East Secondary School
1573 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10029
Phone: (212) 860-5805
FAX: (212) 876-3494

Elementary schools:

Jackson Road Elementary School, Montgomery County, Maryland
Teachers plan for trained paraprofessionals to work with small groups in the classroom so they can be released for professional development once a month. If paraprofessionals are in classrooms for more than one hour, they receive substitute teacher pay.

Contact information:
Jackson Road Elementary School
1501 Ashburton St.
Baltimore, MD 21216
Phone: (410) 396-0540
FAX: (410) 545-7842