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Tool: Helping beginning teachers seek advice 

Asking for help is viewed by some people as giving up power. If individuals have that mindset, it is not surprising that they choose to minimize their questions. As a building leader, you want to orchestrate a school culture that is open, caring and that feels emotionally safe. Under these conditions, beginning teachers are less reticent about asking questions and seeking advice.

Purpose of this tool: This tool will provide you with some ways to assure beginning teachers that it is a good idea to ask questions and seek advice.

Which of the follow strategic moves have you made to encourage beginning teachers to elicit counsel?

_____ Have you placed a question box in an unobtrusive place for encouraging teachers to pose those awkward queries? (Use the questions placed in the box in planning for faculty or grade-level meetings, in preparing newsletters, in-house e-mails, etc.)

_____ Have you allocated meeting time for sharing, comparing notes, seeking advice, etc.? (For example, for an upcoming meeting, ask each teacher to bring a concern that warrants advice.)

_____ Have you publicized scheduled times each week when teachers are encouraged to simply come to your office and chat?

_____ Have you created an internal electronic chat room?

____ Other