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Tool: Working with parents to respond to and prevent bullying

Use this worksheet to prepare for and follow up on meetings with parents about bullying.

What do I know about the bullying incident? (Be as detailed as possible).



What will I do to assist and protect the targeted student?



What behaviors were exhibited by the alleged bully during the incident? What other bullying behaviors have I seen this child exhibit before? Make sure to be specific about the behaviors.



Positive things can I say about:

The targeted student:


The bully:


What kinds of resources/services/supports are available in the school to help the targeted student? To help the bully change his/her behavior? To help the parents? (Be prepared to offer referrals if you think the situation and student(s) merit further intensive intervention).


How will I communicate with the parents after this meeting?


Parents of targeted student: Parents of alleged bully: