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Tool: Preparing beginning teachers for “Firsts”

Purpose of this tool: Since one of the biggest fears of beginning teachers is fear of the unknown, it can be empowering to help them anticipate what is going to happen during major school and classroom events. In addition, it can help new teachers to make these events more educative for students and parents. This tool is designed for principals to use in helping beginning teachers anticipate major events.

List of firsts

When do I or someone else need to prepare beginning teachers for the event?
Preparation srategies
Follow up

First day of school




First open house



First parent-teacher conferences      
First faculty meeting      
End of first marking period  


First standardized testing      
First PTA meeting      
First field trip      
First playground supervision/hall duty      
First club/team assignment/sponsorship      
First observation by principal      
First time sending student to principal's office for discipline      
First parent complaint      
First report of possible abuse of child      
First bullying incident