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Tool: How principals can support culturally responsive teaching

In order for teachers to succeed with students from culturally diverse backgrounds, principals must set the conditions that make it possible for teachers to develop and enact culturally responsive practices. This tool helps you to reflect on and plan for setting these conditions. See the Culturally relevant teaching resources to identify resources for your own learning and for teacher learning in your school.

How do I…
Current practices
Plan for further action
Encourage and support teachers’ learning about students and their communities?    
Cultivate caring, engaged relationships with students and their families?    
Encourage and provide opportunities for teachers to critically analyze curricular and instructional materials and classroom and school policies that contribute to discrimination and unequal access to learning?    
Support professional development that builds the knowledge, skills and dispositions for teaching culturally diverse students?    
Build collaborative relationships with other agencies and institutions that serve students and their communities?    

Adapted from Lucas, T. (2000). Facilitating the transitions of secondary English language learners’: Priorities for principals. NASSP Bulletin, 84 (619), 2-16.