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Challenge 4. Limited views About teaching

Most beginning teachers bring emerging philosophies and a host of thoughtful ideas that need to be developed and supported. At the same time, for a variety of reasons, they can sometimes exhibit beliefs and practices about teaching that appear limited. Such apparent views and behaviors can result from school factors such as unclear expectations, lack of shared goals for student learning and few opportunities to collaborate with colleagues. In addition, such beliefs and practices can be due to new teachers’ own personal and professional backgrounds. As a school leader, you can do several things to help new teachers continue their professional growth and learn to practice in ways that are student-centered, culturally responsive and reflect principles of effective teaching.


Tapping into beginning teachers’ portfolios

Elements of powerful teaching

Culturally responsive teaching


  • Provide opportunities for beginning teachers to observe expert teachers at the same grade level or content area and to meet with them to discuss their instructional practices.
  • Use a videotape to help new teachers work with other teachers or with yourself to analyze practice.