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Challenge 2. Inadequate resources

Beginning teachers are often assigned to classrooms that lack several types of resources including computers and other forms of technology; newer desks, chairs, and tables; and other furniture. In addition, they often lack access to instructional materials. As the principal, there are several ways to directly and indirectly help ensure that new teachers have appropriate technology, furniture and instructional materials.


  • Prepare a “Back to School” survival kit with meaningful supplies
  • Introduce the beginning teachers to the custodial staff and explain how to procure furniture for their classrooms
  • Match each new teacher with a mentor or experienced colleague who is teaching (has taught) the same curriculum and is willing to share instructional materials and resources
  • Design a venue for a group of experienced teachers to share materials and resources with beginning teachers
  • Write grant proposals to acquire additional computers and technology
  • Submit a list of desired materials and resources to the school’s parent-teacher association
  • Make a trip to a salvage store, put out a call to the community for furniture and seek a handyman to repair existing furniture