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For principals

designed by Janet Alleman, Barbara Meloche and Peter Youngs

True leadership is a function of your character, the character of those being led and the character of the organization. As a leader you have many jobs to accomplish and many demands on your time. Continue to remind yourself that you are a powerful influence on the way that induction experiences are organized and carried out in support of teacher quality and student learning.

It is no secret your work life is enormously challenging so using this website may serve as one stop. Creating a school vision and maintaining and growing it can be an engaging process for beginning teachers as well as for all other faculty and staff.

Here, we try to help you analyze issues you may face by summarizing relevant information and by offering tools that might help you to build a professional learning community. This information is focused on learning, growth and renewal for all staff.

I. Cultivating a school culture that supports induction

II. Working with beginning teachers

III. Professional learning communities

A. Organizing time and resources for professional learning
B. Beginning teacher study groups
C. Mentor study groups
D. Learning together

IV. Knowing myself as a leader

IV. Resources for further investigation