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Tool: Frustrations about the process of change

Do you ever get frustrated with beginning teachers or more seasoned teachers, for that matter, who don’t seem to help on a change that the building is in the process of implementing? Hord, Rutherford, Hulling-Austin and Hall might help you respond more constructively for yourself and others. These authors suggest that most folks simply move through stages. Of course there are a few who jump in with both feet! The hope, of course, is that individuals will be mobilized and have that passion for growth.

Purpose of this tool: The tool is intended to help you watch people in your school--especially beginning teachers--as they move through largely predictable changes. They usually have had limited experiences; not long ago they were K-12 students. If indeed they have gone through something dramatically different from what you are proposing, they might not jump in with both feet.

How to use this tool:  Plot (in pencil) those beginning teachers on the continuum according to their observable stage. Consider what moves to facilitate their growth. Watch them move along the continuum! If you observe no movement, be prepared to determine why and act accordingly.  Being proactive pays off.

Refocusing <----------------------------------------------------------------> Awareness

Refocusing  I have some new ideas based on what I’ve learned that might be even more effective.
Collaboration How does what I’m doing connect with what others are experiencing?
Consequence Is it having any impact on my students and their learning?
Management  It simply seems to add work! I spend all my time finding things or preparing materials.
Personal  Will this have any impact on me?
Informational Where could I get some information?
Awareness I couldn't care less!

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Adapted from: Hord, S.M., Rutherford, W.L., Huling-Austin, L., & Hall, G.E.  (1987). Taking Charge of Change, p. 31. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.