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Tool: Beginning the year by visualizing the future

Purpose of this tool: To provide a focus for a collective conversation about your school’s accomplishments and strengths with an eye toward making it even more successful using data to inform and drive the vision.

How to use this tool: Share the data from your building's annual report including test results, student referrals, library usage, attendance, etc. to stimulate conversation about the school's accomplishments and strengths and open discussion about future development.

After the introductory activities have been completed, divide faculty and staff members into groups for brainstorming and visualizing the future. Encourage the groups to use drawings and pictures to depict their ideas.  

At the next staff meeting, begin creating a collective vision. This can serve as an excellent orientation for beginning teachers as well as an invigorating exercise for others. It’s also a great opportunity for integrating all members of the community (e.g., bus drivers, secretaries, etc.). 

Make the visioning public by posting components of the “school portrait” for the future in the faculty lounge. Continue the conversation and exercise at subsequent faculty meetings.