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I. Cultivating a school culture that supports induction

If schools are to be successful with induction, change is imminent. This section is meant to help you step out of your school to objectively assess your school culture and begin thinking about ways to lead change.

Questions to guide your thinking include:

  • Are there high standards of professionalism within the culture of my building?
  • Can everyone in my school community articulate our school vision?
  • No principal can do everything alone. What are some important attributes of our community for building leadership capacity?
  • What are some of the unique qualities about the new generation of teacher candidates?



School culture and the purpose of schooling

Organizing time and resources for professional learning

Identifying a supportive environment

Beginning the year by visualizing the future

Articulating a shared school vision

Building a school's capacity to support teaching and learning

Self test about the process of change

Associating initiatives with familiar patterns of practice

Frustrations about the process of change