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Tool: Observing with the class traffic technique

Record the movement patterns of the teacher and/or 1 or 2 students. You can record just the physical movements or also the type/reason for the movements.

  • Create a map of the classroom
  • Create a legend to describe the types of movements (if desired)

___ Teacher movement
----- Directed student movement
+++ Non-directed but purposeful student movement
=== Non-directed and non-purposeful student movement


Observation Notes:

CLASS TRAFFIC Teacher:  Lori K.  Lesson:  SSR Date: 3/15/04 Observer:  Barb J.

Begin 12:20.

class traffic graphic


Analysis suggestions

  • Examine teacher’s movement around classroom
  • Examine individual students’ movements around and in and out of classroom
  • Examine locations in the classroom that get high and low amounts of traffic