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Tool:  Moving toward educative mentoring

Purpose of this tool: Whether your school has a well-developed mentoring program or is just beginning to develop a program, this tool will help you reflect on mentoring practices in your school, consider what changes might be necessary to encourage “educative mentoring” and articulate your goals for your program/practices.

How to use this tool: As you respond to the following questions, think of specific examples of mentoring from your past experience. Keep in mind that although mentoring includes emotional and technical support, the emphasis of educative mentoring is on providing the beginning teacher with instructional support.

  • Make a list of typical mentoring practices in your school. Think about what types of activities and conversations take place among mentors and beginning teachers. How often do they occur? When do they occur?

  • What types of support do those conversations and activities represent?  Is the emphasis on technical or emotional concerns or do mentoring activities include opportunities for beginning teachers to develop the skills they will need to continue to learn to teach?

  • What type of support will mentors need to practice educative mentoring? Keep in mind that mentors need skills that are different than those of classroom teachers.

  • What types of barriers can you anticipate encountering as you work towards those goals? What might you do to decrease those barriers?