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What can I offer a beginning teacher?

Educative mentoring combines instructional, technical and emotional support with rich opportunities for mentor and beginning teachers to work collaboratively on authentic issues of development of a high quality practice that impacts student learning.

Instructional support: the heart of educative mentoring
Aspect of mentoring The mentor... A mentor and beginning teacher might... 

Technical support

Provides information that answers who, when, where and how questions.

Emotional support

Provides encouragement and emotional support.

  • Share perspectives on the politics of the school.
  • Celebrate the beginning teacher’s growth in a particular area.
  • Allow the beginning teacher to “vent” after a hard day.
Instructional support: the heart of educative mentoring Provides opportunities for professional growth and development.
  • Set realistic goals for the year.
  • Observe and reflect on a lesson.
  • Plan a lesson or unit together.
  • Model instructional techniques.
  • Co-teach a lesson.
  • Role-play a parent-teacher conference.
  • Analyze student work.

Tool: Moving toward educative mentoring

  • The term “educative mentoring” is used to describe a particular set of mentoring practices.
  • Educative mentors provide beginning teachers with instructional, technical and emotional support.
  • Mentors and beginning teachers work together on authentic issues of practice that impact student learning.
  • The emphasis in this working relationship is on supporting beginning teachers in their professional growth.
  • As mentors examine their own practice and collaborate with beginning teachers, the mentors have opportunities to learn as well.


Instructional support: The heart of educative mentoring

Perhaps the easiest way to illustrate the focus of educative mentoring is to compare it to two common types of mentoring practices mentioned above: technical and emotional support. Educative mentoring includes the types of technical and emotional support described above. The emphasis of educative mentoring, however, is on supporting the beginning teacher’s professional development.

Remember, although educative mentoring includes three components of support, the emphasis of the support is on helping beginning teachers learn to develop high quality practice that impacts student learning.