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What types of support can I request as a beginning teacher?

Some schools have highly developed teacher induction programs that include structured ways to support beginning teachers. In other schools, beginning teachers need to ask explicitly for help.

The chart below will help you think about the various types of support you will need throughout the year. Be proactive and creative as you ask for help in these areas!

Aspect of mentoring
You might...
Instructional support: the heart of your learning! Opportunities for professional growth and development

Participate in collaborative work with a mentor or study group.

Work with your principal in creating an IDP that is meaningful to you.

Join professional organizations that support your learning or explore the Continuing to learn options in this website.

Technical support Information that answers the who, when, where and how questions.

Participate in faculty meetings or orientation sessions designed for beginning teachers. Come to these sessions with specific questions.

Ask your principal or mentor teacher questions about “how things are done.”

Spend some time reviewing orientation handbooks, faculty handbooks, curriculum guides, etc. to familiarize yourself with the policies of the school and the texts themselves as resources.

Emotional support Encouragement and emotional support

Get to know the faculty both professionally and personally.

Turn to a trusted colleague or your mentor to help you put the year in perspective.

Let your mentor or principal know what types of feedback you need at particular times.