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What can I offer schools as a beginning teacher?

At some point during the first several years of teaching, it is common for beginning teachers to question their efficacy as a teacher or even whether they want to continue teaching.

If you begin to feel this way, remember that you can make a unique contribution to your school. You may offer:

  • Enthusiasm and passion
    New teachers often have strong reasons for entering the field. Are you passionate about helping all students succeed? Or using integrated curriculum? Or participating in action research? Your commitment to your ideals may inspire other teachers to reflect on their own commitments or develop a new focus in their teaching. Your idealism can revitalize others.
  • New ideas and fresh perspectives
    If you participated in a teacher preparation program, most likely you had access to research and ways of thinking about teaching that your more experienced colleagues have not. You are in a perfect position to collaborate with others to integrate what research tells us about teaching with your practical experience and that of others.
  • Learning through collaboration
    Not only will you learn from working with others, but your colleagues will, too. Teachers often report that they benefit from describing, justifying and analyzing their own practice as they mentor and work with less experienced teachers. Beginning teachers can offer a lot of terrific ideas as well.