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Disillusionment phase

The Disillusionment phase is usually the toughest time for a first-year teacher. It's a time of high stress and low self-esteem and a time when a beginning teacher is faced with new challenges like parent-teacher conferences and the first evaluation by the principal.

Beginning teachers typically... You might...

Feel disappointed that initial expectations are not being met.

Question their own commitment and competence.

Feel run down or become ill.

Use or build a support network for yourself.

Remember that the first year of teaching is challenging. Look back on what you have accomplished.

Focus on a particular area that is a priority for you in the classroom. This area may be articulated in your IDP.

Start to plan for conferences, report cards, etc. in advance. Ask your principal or a colleague what the expectations are for your school.

Check out the other stages that roughly correspond to...

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