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Organizing yourself

  • Know the rules. Get acquainted with school policies and procedures, such as opening and closing hours, attendance procedures, etc.
  • Find out where. Familiarize yourself with the building. Take a walking tour before school begins with a map of the building. Take notes and jot down questions.
  • Introduce yourself. Meet the people in the building, especially the teachers in your immediate area. Consider creating a biographic sketch of yourself with photos and posting it outside your classroom door.
  • Prepare your room and materials. Create an environment that pleases you, catches the eye of your students and gives them something to think about. Make sure you have all the supplies you’ll need for the first week at least.
  • Plan, Plan, Plan. Create lesson plans for the first week. Plan twice as much as you think you can cover. Write everything down. Detailed plans will provide a feeling of security when you face your class for the first time.
  • Get there early. Give yourself time to ask any last minute questions. Go over final plans and relax before the students arrive.
  • Greet your students and get down to business. Establish class protocols and expectations. Start the learning. Make the first day of school a real one. Accomplish some constructive learning with your students.