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Tool: Assessing the effectiveness of your teaching

Purpose of this tool: You can use this tool to identify how strong you are in certain areas of desired instructional practices. This exercise can then help you target certain areas for improvement.

How to use this tool: Indicate how likely you are to use each of the following practices to assess the effectiveness of your teaching. Use a 1 to 5 point scale where 1 means "not at all likely" and 5 means "very likely."

Instructional practice
Likelihood of use
1. Encourage students to question me on ideas/concepts they do not understand in the lesson  
2. Observe students' level of participation in and engagement with the lesson  
3. Observe students' nonverbal behaviors  (e.g., facial expressions, body movements, gestures, off-task behaviors)  
4. Observe for expressions of frustration among students (e.g., tone of voice, how they respond to assigned tasks, what they say about their learning or the assignment)  
5.  Monitor student performance on tests, quizzes and independent projects  
6.  Reflect on my performance after each lesson by comparing my lesson goals with what was achieved in the lesson  
7.  Give regular assessments (assignments, projects, quizzes, etc.)  
8. Discuss with students my and their feelings about their learning performance, either orally or in writing  
9. Pause at various points in the lesson to get feedback from students about their understanding  
10. Monitor my teaching by audio or video taping my lessons or asking a colleague to observe my teaching in order to review my strengths and areas where improvement is needed  
11. Discuss concerns that I have about my teaching with colleagues or my principal  
12. Encourage students to communicate their feelings about my teaching or their learning in various ways (in writing, face-to-face meetings, class discussions)  
13. Provide students with opportunities to show what they have learned in various ways  
14. Observe different ways in which students use concepts and ideas in class discussions  
15. Provide opportunities for students to share their views on the subject matter they learn