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Tool: Questions to ask about your teaching

The purpose of this tool: This tool will help you assess your teaching from time to time.

How to use this tool: Answer these questions in your teaching journal and incorporate the information you gain from your answers into future planning and instruction.

Questions about my teaching
Have I created a positive learning environment in my classroom? Do I have my students’ attention when I want it?  
Why am I asking the students to do a particular activity?  
What variety of learning strategies and activities have I implemented in my classroom?  
Are my teaching methods appropriate for the students I have?  
What evidence do I have that my teaching is effective?  
Have I taught students subject-area skills and concepts? How do I know?  
What are the reasons for the successes and failures of my students?  
How motivated are students in my class? What changes can I make to motivate them more?  
Do students enjoy coming to my classroom? Why or why not?  
Are there students in my classroom who are not succeeding? Why not?  
What efforts have I made to meet the needs of the variety of learning styles in my classroom?  
Am I preparing students for a lifetime of learning or am I only teaching isolated facts and concepts?  
How do my students perceive me? My discipline? My teaching styles?