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Tool: Questions to ask about your professionalism

The purpose of this tool: This tool will help you periodically assess your professionalism.

How to use this tool: Answer these questions in your teaching journal and incorporate the information you gain from your answers into your future activities.

Questions about my professionalism
What is my philosophy of education?  
Has my philosophy of education changed since the beginning of the year? How? Why?  
What message does my dress, grooming and deportment send about how I view my professionalism?  
Can I defend to the public and my peers how I have chosen to spend instructional time?  
What professional ethics do I reflect that I am especially proud of?  
What do I do to improve myself as a professional educator?  
Are there peers with whom I have developed a strong, professional relationship?  
What have I learned from these peers?  
What have I contributed to their professional development?  
Do the parents of my students feel comfortable discussing issues and concerns with me?  
What have I done to build this rapport with parents?  
Am I enjoying the profession? Am I maintaining my sense of humor?