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Tool: Questions to ask about a lesson

The purpose of this tool: This tool will help you assess a single lesson.

How to use this tool: Answer these questions in your teaching journal and incorporate the information you gain from your answers into future planning and instruction.

Questions about my lesson
What worked well in the lesson? How do I know? Why did it work?  
How did my students respond? What might have contributed to their actions?  
What did I intend to accomplish by the instruction? How well did I achieve my goal? How do I know?  
What inhibited effective teaching and learning? How can I address this next time?  
What should I change next time? Why?  
Are we working together or at odds?  
What are my strengths as a teacher? What are my students' strengths?  
How can I capitalize on our strengths and address areas for growth?  
How do I feel about what I am doing? Why do I feel this way? How do these feelings govern my actions and the decisions I am making?  
What information do I need to make an informed decision?