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What you have here, and why

First and mainly, a beginning teacher needs to make a strong start in the classroom with students.

To support strong starts, we considered both the normal problems of beginning teachers and today's demanding standards for student learning. For special attention, we nominated seven areas of teaching listed in the menu at left.

In a strong start, we suggest, a beginning teacher makes a plan to learn the vital repertoire of methods and moves in teaching, and the supporting teacher helps to make and carry out that plan.

To help, we designed tools that they can use to plan, analyze, and discuss each of the seven areas of teaching. Get those tools by way of the links to the left.

We arranged multiple ways to see the tools and learn about them. The quickest ways are the lists of tools and resources shown in the menu at left. For more explanation and support, see the seven areas of teaching

We also provided the tools in multiple formats for different uses: web pages, PDF files for printing, and Rich Text Format (RTF) for revising in word processors.

Finally, we suggested the particular kind of partnership between beginning and supporting teachers that would be needed to use these tools well.