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Some parts are harder than others...


For some long time, teachers have been using the familiar practices to help many students to recall information, say it in their own words, use it a bit and retain it for a time. For some long time, that met the expectations for schools. But those expectations have changed.

Based on natonal intererst, the standards (and tests) now declare that all students learn, not only to recall information, use it a little, and retain it for a time, but also to interpret texts, analyze information, evaluate arguments and construct various products including essays and plans.

That is, the standards call for all children to learn what many adults have to do in the information society. And teaching them those things will be considerably harder to do. In this situation, it might be helpful to make a distinction between:

  • Trying harder, with the familiar practices, or
  • Trying practices that are specifically suited to the results now wanted.

This section aims to follow the second approach. In the familiar slogan, they are attempts to "work, not harder, but smarter."