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Tool: Organizing a mathematics classroom

The way a teacher sets up a classroom can have a significant impact on learning. This tool guides a mentor and new teacher through a discussion about the best way to organize a mathematics classroom:

Comparing ideas on classroom organization


Beginner's strategies

Mentor or colleague suggestions

Additional resources desired

How can we make the classroom tools (e.g., calculators, staplers, rulers, grid paper, colored pencils) accessible for students  in order to minimize interruptions while we work with other students?




How can we make handouts easily accessible for students who are absent?




How can we make reference materials like math dictionaries, almanacs and atlases accessible?




What materials do we have available for students to use to share their thinking and work with the class?




How can we keep track of calculators?




What seating arrangement best fosters the teaching environment we want to establish?




How can we decorate the classroom to make the physical environment represent our thoughts about mathematics?