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Middle School Math

Contributor: Angela Newing, Ann Arbor Public Schools

Tools: Descriptions:
Tool: Monitoring classroom interactions This tool presents a simple chart that can be used by a classroom observer to monitor how many times a teacher calls on each student and what types of questions s/he asks that student.
Tool: Motivating students to learn mathematics This tool presents six strategies to motivate students to learn math. It also provides a chart that a teacher can use to ascertain that s/he is using a variety of strategies to teach each unit.
Tool: Organizing a mathematics classroom This tool can help a beginning math teacher lay out her/his plans for organizing the classroom to maximize learning. It can then be used as an invitation for additional suggestions from a mentor or a colleague.


Resources: Descriptions:
Exploring content expectations in a middle school math unit  This resource shows how to take a benchmark about the Pythagorean Theorem and break it down into a chart showing what it requires students to remember, do and understand.
Parents' homework guide This resource presents a template that can be used to record upcoming homework assignments in order to inform parents and invite their involvement with their students' math work.