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Middle School English Language Arts

Contributor: Laura Schiller, Oakland Schools

Tools: Descriptions:
Tool: Assessing classroom discourse   This tool presents two ways of analyzing classroom discourse, one that focuses on whole-class interactions; the other on small-group conversations.


Resources: Descriptions:
Organizing middle school classrooms for reading and writing This resource provides tips for creating a middle school classroom that is immersed in literacy.
Publishing student writing Here are three easy ways to publish student work, involve parents and help students see themselves as readers and writers.
Record-keeping for Reading/Writing Workshops This resource explains and exemplifies how to use four different tools for tracking reading/writing: student reading list, writer's conference record, peer conference record and status of the class.
Using Expert Tapes to promote student writing   Learn how to use the strategy of Expert Tapes to create a safe classroom environment conducive to sharing student writing.