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High School Social Studies

Contributor: Angela Church, Berkley School District

Resources: Description:
Building home-school connections through homework Parents of high school students tend to lose track of what is happening with their student’s education. This resource shows a way to use homework assignments to inform parents and to engage them and their student in curriculum-related discussions.
Establishing classroom protocols This resource suggests classroom protocols that teachers can use to help their students orient themselves within a secondary course and make adjustments when they have been absent.
Sample lesson plan for a block schedule This resource presents a lesson plan template for possible adaptation. At the same time, it exemplifies how block-schedule teaching requires planning a variety of student activities for each class session.
Using open-ended questions This resource makes a case for the use of assessment assignments that require synthesis and evaluation. It presents a sample in the form of a high-school history assignment that helps bring historical participants to life.
Using simulations to motivate students This resource shows social studies teachers how they can write their own simulations. It presents two examples of teacher-made simulations that have been used in a high school history course.