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Sample lesson plan for a block schedule

This is a sample plan for a ninth-grade U.S. History lesson that would be used in a 90-minute block. Notice how the 90-minute lesson is broken into small chunks that emphasize different ways of learning, such as listening, reading and talking.

Try modifying this example to develop a lesson plan format that suits your own special needs:

Lesson plan guide – The Supreme Court -- 90 minutes

Date __4/21___
Unit ___2____
Day ___8____

Describe the role and purpose of the Judicial Branch. (5 minutes)

Assignments that need to be collected:
Brown vs. Board of Education reading and questions

Theme/objectives of the day:
The Warren Court, Justice Earl Warren, structure of the Supreme Court, civil liberties, Miranda v. Arizona, Gideon v. Wainwright, Tinker v. Des Moines

Lesson / activities:
(Benchmarks:  I.1.HS 1, I.4.HS 2)

1. Have students share their warm-up responses with their shoulder partners. (5 minutes)

2. Ask students to share their own or their partner’s responses to find out what we already know about the Judicial Branch and the Supreme Court. (5 minutes)

3. Teacher input: PowerPoint lecture about basic Supreme Court and civil liberties background. Students will use their advanced organizer to take notes as we go through the background information. (15 minutes)

4. Explain the directions and pass out a summary of one of the Supreme Court cases to each student. Have each student read the background of the case, identify the constitutional question that the Supreme Court had to answer and find the decision and reasoning of the Court. (25 minutes)

5. Students will record the information about their case on their "Warren Court Advanced Organizer."

6. Have students meet in groups of three and jigsaw their findings about the cases. Each student will share his/her findings verbally with the group of three. The group members will record what they learn about the other cases from their classmates. (25 minutes)

7. Move students back to their original seats and add their findings to the PowerPoint presentation. For each case, gather the circumstances, the question to be determined and the outcome of the Court. (15 minutes)

Worksheets needed:
Warren Court Advanced Organizer

What types of things do these three cases have in common?
How might you characterize “The Warren Court” based on these three landmark cases?

Homework assigned:

Next class--Bring textbooks to begin our studies of the civil rights movement