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Building home-school connections through homework

Many parents feel like they lose track of what’s going on in school once their student starts attending high school. Homework assignments that require students to involve adults in the home can help inform parents about their student’s coursework. As an example, consider this economics survey which was used with a tenth-grade Economics class. The purpose of the activity was to familiarize students with common misconceptions about economics. The students completed the survey on their own and then took the survey home to ask their parents the same questions. The answers to all of the questions are “False,” which means all of the statements are myths.

This type of an activity can lead to rich classroom discussions about the survey questions and about conversations students had with their parents. Taking the survey allows parents to see what their students are studying in class and makes it possible for them to continue discussions throughout the semester (and hopefully beyond).

After reading the survey, take some time to think about how you could use a similar assignment in your class. What concepts or topics could you create a survey around? Are there topics that you would like your students to discuss with their parents or other adults?

Economic ideas survey

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Economic idea



T = True   F = False   N = No objective answer is possible

1. Economic choices involve only money.



2. The best things in life are free.



3. In every economic transaction, someone wins and someone loses.



4. The value of something depends on the labor and materials used to produce it.



5. The price of a necessity should be kept low.



6. New technology destroys jobs, which causes the unemployment rate to rise and the standard of living to fall.



7. A wise consumer knows it always pays to comparison shop.



8. The government should be run like a business.



9. Banks keep money safe in their vaults until you need it.



10. Inflation hurts everyone in the economy.



11. If the unemployment rate is rising, the economy is in trouble.



12. Economic growth has too high an environmental price for individuals to pay.



13. The president can fix the economy.



14. Competition from foreign producers harms the U.S. economy.



15. The goal of international trade is to maximize exports and minimize imports.



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