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Tool: Preparing students for standardized tests

Helping students to become familiar with the format and content of standardized tests can help them improve their scores on these tests. Use this tool with your mentor to consider possible uses of standardized exams, extra practice and assessment activities in your class. See Preparing students and parents for the Mathematics SAT and ACT  for links to exam websites. Resources for standardized test preparation materials include bookstores, counselor's offices, libraries and websites.

Evaluating ways to prepare students for standardized math exams




Right for your class?

Have test preparation materials (study guides, practice exams and problems) available for browsing in your room during free time, such as after an exam.




Use practice tests or sample problems on substitute days.




Use 2-3 practice problems as daily warm-up activities.




Include 2-3 practice problems on homework sets.




Have a regular test-prep quiz (maybe weekly or monthly).




Plan one or more lessons to discuss and practice testing tips for standardized math tests.




Administer a timed practice exam.




Other ideas?