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Tool: Managing calculators

Yikes! How can you keep track of a class set of calculators, especially if you're a high school teacher and see between 80-150+ students a day? Devise a plan to keep things as organized as you can. If you are a beginner, consult with your mentor for advice.




Adjustments for my classroom?

Create a “Calculator Contract” to establish responsibility for lost or broken calculators. Have parents and students sign it.




Assign a number to each student in a class and a calculator to each number. Organize on a spreadsheet.




Use an engraving tool to etch numbers and school (or teacher) name on calculators.




Count calculators after each period, not just at the end of the day.




Limit availability when possible. Consider locking them in a drawer or cabinet on days when you have a substitute to avoid problems.




Use a hanging shoe organizer (with pockets) to keep the calculators visible but out of the way.




Ask students to bring a pack of calculator batteries as school supplies in early fall and spring.




Consider a mini-lesson on basic calculator skills and procedures.




Consider separate “calculator OK” and “no calculators” portions of assignments and tests.




 Here is a sample calculator contract that you might adapt to your situation:

 Calculator Contract

Calculator #__________

I, _____________________________________ , understand that using a calculator includes responsibility for keeping it safe, in working condition and in the classroom for more students to use in other class periods. I accept this responsibility.

Student signature: _____________________________________________________________
Parent signature: _____________________________________________________________
Teacher signature: _____________________________________________________________