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Getting-to-know-you scavenger hunt

This classroom scavenger hunt allows students to get to know one another in a contest format. The directions are stated on the top of the scavenger hunt, and the teacher decides and announces the time limit. Twenty minutes is usually sufficient because you will want the students to use the rest of the class period to share their results orally. With this ice breaker, students must approach classmates that they may not know and ask them several questions. It is interesting to watch the group dynamics as some students take charge while one or two may just sit for a few minutes. Within a short amount of time, however, the more timid students usually get actively involved in the scavenger hunt. This activity works best on the second or third day of a new semester.

Scavenger hunt instructions

The object of this game is to get to know your classmates. You will need to talk with others in the room in order to complete the following list. The rules are fairly simple. A classmate may only sign your list two times and you will have a time limit. Once you find a person who can respond to a particular question, you need to ask the person a follow-up question as s/he is neatly signing her/his name. Place the person’s response in the space provided. A prize will be awarded to the winner, or winners, in case of a tie. The object is to have the most accurate and complete sheet within the allotted time frame. Anyone with the same name listed more than twice will be disqualified.

Scavenger hunt handout