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Identifying community resources

Often high school English teachers want to bring in a guest speaker to talk to their students and may not realize that the local community can be a great resource. For example, a parent in the community may have an English-related job such as a journalist who could speak about the importance of good writing skills. Similarly, a teacher may have a parent who is Native American who could talk to students when they are studying Native American literature. Even local bookstores may be a resource for a local or national author. In addition, teachers may contact the Intermediate School District in their county to see if any professional writers or authors are coming to the area in the near future.

Use a chart like this one as a planning tool as you search your community for resources:

Sample list of community resources

Type of resource


Date of contact

Phone number
and e-mail address

Name of guest and how best to use this resource person











Barnes and Noble










Halfway Down the Stairs
(independent bookstore in Rochester, MI)





Intermediate School District
(Macomb, Oakland, Wayne)





Media specialist (school, city, county level)





Professional organizations