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Using portfolios to assess writing

The chart below is designed to help students assess their growth in writing. After each writing assignment, the students will attach a one paragraph reflection about that piece of writing. The questions in the “Reflection” column will help the students think about their writing.

Writing portfolio overview


Type of assignment

Date of assignment

Reflection paragraph
Discuss these questions in your paragraph:

Three changes I would make if I were to rewrite this paper



1. In what areas do I remain consistently strong?
2. What areas are still giving me trouble?
3. What do I need to do to correct these shortcomings?


Personal narrative

Write about a person or event that had a serious impact on my life.



1. Add more concrete details in the intro paragraph.
2. Add sentence variety throughout the paper.
3.Remove the sentence in paragraph three that describes my aunt. It's off-topic.












At the end of the semester, the students should be instructed to review their writing assignments. They should choose the paper that they feel is their best piece of writing and explain why. They should also be asked to describe how they have grown as a writer.