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Sample writing assignment rubric

This is an example of a rubric used for an elementary writing assignment in social studies. Notice how it has a key that explains what each score means, covers both content and mechanics and is written in language children can understand. When using a rubric like this one, it's a good idea to share it with children before they begin the assignment.

Name ________________________ Date ___________ Total _____ out of 24

Title or topic: Should children vote for President?

Target skills:
_____ 1. Stayed on topic

_____ 2. Supported their answer by giving several reasons

_____ 3. Used reasoning connected to Big Ideas from the unit

_____ 4. Used revising techniques and circled misspelled words

_____ 5. Spelled known spelling words correctly

_____ 6. Used capital letters and end punctuation correctly

Scoring criteria:
4 = apparent throughout the piece; use of skill was effective
3 = apparent throughout most of the piece; skill was generally or mostly effective
2 = apparent through some of the piece; skill was minimally effective
1 = attempted to use the target skill through some of the piece but not effectively
0 = the writer did not attempt to use this skill