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Planning for multiple learning styles in elementary social studies

When planning a social studies unit in an early elementary classroom, it is important to make sure that you have included many different kinds of activities. To meet the needs of your diverse students, you need activities that support many different learning styles. Here is an chart of a three-week Shelter unit with many different kinds of activities:

Unit: Shelter

Time frame: 3 weeks



Mathematical- Logical



Intrapersonal (Individual)

Creating book pages
Journal responses

Mapping one's home on a local map

Creating and drawing a futuristic dream home

Pantomiming shelter/building jobs
Matching picture cards to word cards

Group activities

Question writing
Home surveys

Sequencing the steps to building a house

Representing these steps with pictures

Taking a neighborhood survey walk

Whole class

Book discussions
List making

Creating a neighborhood map

Creating a Venn diagram
Creating a timeline of types of shelters built

Acting out long-ago chores: beating rugs, scrubbing clothes, making candles

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