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Putting yourself into the lessons

Motivating students to learn is an important part of teaching. One way to accomplish that during social studies lessons is to include yourself in the learning. You can do that in several ways, including sharing personal information or artifacts, participating in homework or journaling assignments and giving opinions or sharing your thinking out loud. Use the following questions to help put yourself into the learning:

  • What experiences do I have with the topic that relate to the Big Ideas?
  • Do I own any artifacts from trips, my life or childhood that could add to our lessons?
  • What real-life examples from people I know could add to our discussions?
  • What homework or writing assignments could I participate in?
  • What topics could I share my opinion on?
  • How could I show my curiosity for learning something new about this topic?
  • What ways can I model tolerance and appreciation for personal differences and diversity in this topic?